Yukimura Sōsei (幸村宗世)
Yukimura Sosei
is one of the titular protagonists of the series, a former member of Squad Five that recently transferred to Squad Zero and is the twin brother of the late Futaba Sōsei. He wields two blades representing the two siblings in memory of his sister, and vows to learn the truth of her execution at the hands of Kazumi Issa.


Yukimura has a mole under his right eye, light blue hair and yellow eyes, his attire consisting of white slacks and shoes, and a white long sleeve jacket with blue trim and an insignia of a green blaze between two gold wings with black trim.

During missions involving high levels of Dracules, Yukimura uses an orange mask, and during the Exhibition Tournament, he dons a tan cloak tied around his neck.

Yukimura appears to be quite sleak, allowing him to be much more flexible and agile.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Yukimura has a mole under his right eye, Kairi has admitted he has occasionally forgotten to draw it on numerous occasions because of its minor appearance.
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