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Rin Kyōko (林恭子) is a former member of the old Squad Zero, and is aware of the purpose of the Squads disbanding. Raised to believe in herself as a prodigy with great hopes and expectations, but became dissatisfied even with her powers as a spellcaster and Trinus.


Rin has waist long black hair, purple eyes and red markings on her chest to symbolize her power as Trinus masked behind a cloak she had worn, only revealed after she challenges Hibiki Masamune during the tournaments. She wears a long purple kimono open to her chest with two insignias on her sleeves, a fastener around her waist, purple thigh highs and geta.


Knowledgeable through her past and personal experiences, Rin is shown to be compassionate and mannerable in the ways she addresses others, even in combat, while still not holding off.


As a high master and Trinus born with three white channel ports as opposed to one, Rin is capable of casting powerful spells. She is not only capable of offensive magic, but defensive magic as well.

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