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Hibiki Masamune (響きまさむね) is a veteran conscripted into VIUS at the age of 10, completing several hundred missions for both Squad One and Six only using instinct, later volunteering for the short-handed Squad Zero. After being informed of Squad Zero commander Kazuma Issas true power by Katsumi Shimon, Hibiki seeks to awaken Kazumas Dragon Eye in order to remove him from Mikuni.


Hibiki is youthful in appearance, and retains the same height as Kazuma, having short black hair with dark eyes. He usually wears a white hooded, long sleeve coat belted down around his waist with black trim, white pants and brown military boots.

During the tournaments, Hibiki wore a long black traditional garment.


While in and out of battle, Hibiki keeps a calm, cool, collected demeanor. He is the most blunt, and decisive of the members of Squad Zero. However, whenever he is wounded, all rational thought and calmness give way to a much more wild and animalistic style of fighting, taking joy in the battle with a strong opponent.


Hibiki is a very avid fighter in close-quarters combat, taking on opponents both Dracule and Human, twice his size. Using his Branched Blades which are usually attached to his back, he is capable of delivering powerful blows to opponents. Under a dangerous scenario, Hibiki has been shown to easily adapt in order to get an advantage, even copying Akira Ryoji's use of Akashi Gin' Ei's arts just from shortly watching him.

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