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Dragon Eye Wiki is about the manga series Dragon Eye by Fujiyama Kairi, a world in which a spontaneous virus known as the "D-Virus" has created a mutated race known as Dracules, murderous monsters powerful enough to send mankind to near extinction. A governing body known as VIUS (Epidemic Preventing City System) creates a super anti-body to resist 99% of the D-Virus, and distributes it among recruited warriors to combat the Dracules, while also creating safe zones Mikuni, Kinshisen, Rintoka, and Nashuan. The story revolves around the former warrior of the Dracules, captain of Squad Zero, and the wielder of a Dragon Eye, Kazuma Issa, the newly recruited Mikami Leila, and former member of Squad 5 Yukimura Sōsei. I hope you guys will help in making a good wiki for all the fans of Dragon Eye.


The manga revolves around protagonist Kazuma Issa, who has a long history with Dracules. After entering the service of VIUS and disbanding his squad for unknown reasons, Kazuma takes to aiding an initiation test planned by the VIUS for new recruits, under the guise of a recruit himself. The test backfires as the initiates are caught in a trap by high level Dracules, forcing Kazuma into action.

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